Power of Attorney’s and Pancakes

On Sunday I finally learned how to make the Johnson’s secret family pancake recipe.  After a few burned pancakes I finally got the hang of slinging the batter 🙂

As the week has progressed so has the realization – that I can never be prepared for moving to another country. However it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for the worst case scenario.  So to make things easier and just in case – I have gotten a Power of Attorney done and a Advanced Directive (which basically outlines my wishes when it comes to medical things – like life support and becoming a human veggie in a coma etc) – you know everything every person spends everyday thinking about right?

Seriously having to sit down and to the Advanced Directive made me VERY depressed.  Yet I would still rather have everything together than have my time in Morocco go FUBAR and not have it.

I still have tons of things left to do –

Get the power of attorney

Do laundry


Eat food that I will miss

See people I want to see before I go


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