Ramadan Weeks Two and Three

As Ramadan moves forward and I feel like I am caught in stasis suspended between two separate moving pieces in space.

Week Two:

Fasting seems to go by quickly although the worst days are when I am forced into three and four hour department meetings where lunch is thoughtfully provided and the worst of the thirst is the dry feeling of my tongue around 5pm.

Week two has come with the end of the lack of an appetite.  I now before iftar time have cravings for certain foods which usually have to do with which ever food program I am watching on the Travel channel.

I am also now keen to eat all the foods I envision myself missing in Morocco.  To that end I have started collecting recipes for different dishes in my recipe book that I plan to bring with me to Morocco which means I will also have a place to collect Moroccan recipes too.

My mom and J have been troopers!  Cooking every iftar every night.

I have spent a lot of time at home trying to absorb and imprint home on my soul as if I could.  So that I will be less home sick when I leave.

Work this week was one of the most challenging especially on time sheet Friday.  To the point where I had to assert my personal wellness boundary and say – its 7:30pm and I am going home now.

Week Three:

I woke up for work on Monday and I thought to myself, “Yes the month of Ramadan is almost over,” then I looked at the calendar and realized that its a four week month not a three week month.

My level of patience is at at all time low it seems this Ramadan especially when it comes to double work at work.  My brain is dried out and so has my ability to remember everything or guess at why I am needed in a 3 hour meeting that has nothing to do with what I have been doing.  Who knew a “dry” brain would be a bad thing?

I am not going to the masjid regularly because I know I can’t balance work and staying out till midnight more than one day a week.  My body is now exhausted and in need of a break.  Well my body has been exhausted since the second half of this year with Ameri Corps and now it feels like I am running on fumes.

I have still found time to go to a Meetup iftar – which was nice. Alhumdualillah.

I keep wondering how I am going to manage the transition to Morocco when I am already feeling so run down?  Two weeks of work to go.  The only thing that keeps me going to work is the fact I am working to put together a nest egg for travel while based in Morocco.  I also had to purchase a new iPod touch because one of my youth at work stole my “old” one.  Oh joy.   No one will ever accuse me of willingly being a workaholic as I enjoy having a balance between work and life to much.

I am still trying to figure out how to host my good bye iftar and if I will host one this upcoming weekend. Le Sigh.  It may just be to much for me right now.


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