Things to do before I go

The count down is on 3 weeks to go and I still have things to do.

1. Power of Attorney

2. Medical Power of Attorney aka Advanced Directive

3. Complete Ramadan

4. Make Contact Information Postcards

5. Make Dua (Prayer) List

6. Pick a school to be pen pals with.  Still not sure if I should go with an elementary school or high school.  If I should go with my local school down the street or an alma mater.

7. Purchase a converter

8. Figure out voting abroad

9. Work on my Arabic with Rosetta Stone

10. Have goodbye dinner and say goodbye to everyone

Things Completed-

1. Travel Insurance – I got USAA international renters insurance.  It’s much cheaper and covers more than the insurance offered through Peace Corps.

2. Test Pack of my Luggage

3. Complete online workshop that Peace Corps Morocco desk emailed


3 thoughts on “Things to do before I go

  1. I’m so excited! (Living vicariously…?) And so very proud of you! I wish I could help you do something on your list! I’ll send hugs instead of help!

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