The City of Brotherly Love

So I got an email today part of it telling me the following –

Please note that Staging will be held in Philadelphia on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 with a departure on September 13, and an arrival in Morocco on September 14.

So yep.. last time I get to see my family will be the day I fly out from the Bay to Philly.  My mom was hoping that staging would be here in San Francisco so she could drive me to the airport and have last goodbyes before I got on the plane to Morocco but that is not happening.

So I guess I hope I get to see the liberty bell and grab a Philly cheese steak between all of the staging stuff and flying out on the 13th.

I am actually sad that my family won’t be able to see me off to my flight to Morocco like they did for my flight to Egypt for my study abroad.

I have to tell myself chin up its just two years in Morocco and there is always Facebook and Skype right?


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