Ameri Corps Service Complete

“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice, not chance, determines your destiny.”
— Aristotle

This past friday I completed two years of serving in Ameri Corps.  Its been a learning experience to be sure.

My first year was my first time working in a “professional” office setting after working in education and then before that in the customer service industry.  I learned I enjoy designing and creating projects.  I am also great at helping to  create and refine systems.  I also learned I like to be given a project and left alone to finish it.  I also learned that my problem solving skills and solution oriented thinking is something that is isn’t the norm in “professional” environments especially proactive problem solving.

My second year of Ameri Corps brought me new learning experiences with the different environment and back into the semi direct service area with youth.  I learned I can push paper with the best of them, create curriculum,  I see inefficiencies and do my best to offer solutions, I am good a building capacity – again through creative problem solving and seeing potential problems before they happen.

I thrive in an environment that is always changing and providing new challenges otherwise I get bored and I don’t do bored well.

I think when I look to my professional future although I am still not sure what I want to do specifically.. I know what I don’t want to do. Thats a start right?

I am happy I was able to serve domestically as service to others is something I highly value and now I get to do so abroad in Morocco.


2 thoughts on “Ameri Corps Service Complete

  1. Saalam!

    I stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it. Being a new Muslimah who is also a PCV (invited 9/29/2011 to serve in Turkmenistan as an English teacher) just wanted to say I love your posts! ❤

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