Reviving the Islamic Spirit Pt 1

**So forgive me for my tardy posts on this RIS conference  – I got caught up in a new wave of Peace Corps paperwork.**

So this past memorial weekend was the second year? I think of the conference.  My good friends in a celebration of my leaving for the Peace Corps although at that time – we all had no idea when I would leave let alone if I would leave – decided they and I had to go to an Islamic conference together before I shipped out.

So my friends very generously sponsored me to go to the conference.  Alhumdualillah – may Allah remove major and minor sins to match the amount of benefit this conference gave my Deen.  Ameen.

I having never been to an Islamic conference had no idea what I let alone we were getting into.

So what did we learn at the conference?

First from a socialogy stand point –

I learned that conferences – Islamic or not – are potential hook up / matchmaking spots.  Yes Half Our Deen was there promoting their website and the offline meet up but really that wasn’t were the action was at.  If you kept your eyes peeled – which mine were- given it was the only thing besides my hands any person could see – you would notice the male Muslim peacocks strutting around in thobes, skinny jeans, sweater vests, suits and anything in between – gelled, waxed, bearded & kufied hoping to attract the attention of a sister or three.

Oh the brothers weren’t alone in this – the bathrooms is where the action was for the sisters to gossip, swap makeup tips, repair any damage to makeup done by making wudu and make sure khimars were still properly fashionably wrapped.

And the last time I saw so much makeup so heavily applied – I do believe I was at a drag club and no I am not going to tell you THAT story right now.

Second – As the scientific community accepts we are descendants from a hunter gather society – you learn the easiest found food items aren’t usually the best or cheapest option.  The conference is a case in point.  Halal KFC was an option -which in our excitement purchased – at an over inflated price – when if we left the conference center and had actually foraged using our SUV and – we could have saved a few dollars AND not had a soggy biscuit.

As we all know a soggy biscuit is just sad. : /

I also learned that ear plugs are Allah’s way of preserving ones patience by providing the user with a restful nights sleep – in a strange hotel room with strange sounds – I can’t sleep when the neighbor leaves the TV on all night blasting.

I learned when you get a call from the front desk telling you to shush at 2am because your having loud and great conversation with your friends – you know your having a good halal time.

I learned its entirely possible to have a crush on someone who presents just because of their amazing intellect!  OMG – Smart people are HOT!

Don’t believe me?  Get a Ph D and then go to an Islamic Conference and give a talk on Islamophobia – you will be hot from the stage lighting and the audience will be hot because of your amazing smarts.

Maybe its just me who thinks smart is sexy…

I learned wearing niqab is SUPER hard with glasses.  Yep for almost the whole conference I wore niqab with my friends – one of whom is an actual niqabi.

I had steam issues with my glasses. Every time I took a breath my poor glasses would fog up.

Did I mention attempting to eat in niqab in public is the worlds BEST diet program?  If your lucky enough to actual get the food accurately aimed at your mouth – chance of delivery is still dicey.. a less than 50% chance with a 90% chance of your khimar becoming a bib/napkin.

So that’s your sociology reflection of the day from the RIS conference.


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