So today I had one of those days where everything is irritating and I really just wanted to be everywhere but where I was – at work.

I really love my agency and I love the people I work with and I know on a gut level that the work we do – no matter how small a part of it I am – it makes a difference.

However on days like today with a 3 hour department meeting – I was hoping the big earthquake we are waiting for would hit.. if I didn’t pass out from boredom or hunger first.  And wait there is more random work to be done for projects we can’t complete because we don’t even know what exactly and when exactly we should do anything.

In the back of my mind I am thinking – and I still have to finish updating my resume for the Peace Corp desk in Morocco not to mention my aspiration statement.

Its really hard to keep my head in the game here – when my natural over prepared plan for ten years from now self is screaming at me to just focus on the Peace Corp.

I commented to my mom last night that I can actually say that every major goal I have set out to achieve with a specific plan – I have actually achieved.  My dream goal was Peace Corp and now that its finally happening – I need to figure out what my new long term goal is.

That said.. I had a great bright spot today that happened once I got home.

My friend R posted on my FB page a link that I thought was good news for her.. as I referred her to this contest to get her card business profiled!  So I was like.. InshaAllah once I get home and check it out – it will be excellent news for her business.

Instead I read the link and her commend posted and Wallahi.. I thought – its a spoof – someone has hacked R’s FB and is now posting random crap on my wall!

Leading with my girl R’s comment – ” Salams Ally, did you know you made this list ? 99 girlie mash’Allah !”

The link led to the top 100 Muslim Women’s Facebook page list on the American Muslim Mom’s Blog.  Guess who is number 99??  According to my Peer Index – which I don’t have one – I am a worthy #99.

Being 99 out of 100 is so cool way better than being #1!  Plus its an islamically significant number given that there are 99 names of Allah (God).

In addition being 99 keeps my nuffs (ego) from getting out of control and big headed – I mean my hair does that for me under my hijab but on a serious note its really hard sometimes to focus on working on my character flaws and be more humble and just thankful for what I have.

I have to say this would have never happened to me on my own.. I mean I never win anything!  I could purchase 99 of a 100 tickets and still not win.

You think I am kidding?  Just ask my mom.

Everything thing of significance that I have been “awarded” or “recognized” for  I have had to work my butt off for.

I don’t get noticed for being the popular or pretty girl.  I get noticed because I work hard and I strive for excellence academically and professionally.

So to be noticed for my writing which is something very personal and something I don’t regularly tell people that I know personally about is in itself a great accomplishment.

I also know that my writing is meaningless outside that of my followers and myself. It would just be letters representing zeros and ones floating in cyberspace that I happen to put out there that I would reflect on for my own selfish edification.

So I have to give a big – Just in case you don’t know – your awesome – shout out to my loyal followers.

I also have to say its also Alhumdualillah (Thanks be to God) because my track record proves – this  has the hand of God in it.


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