Unpacking My Moroccan Invitation

So I got my invitation and invitee packet in the mail.  Yes! But I wasn’t home for another two days to actually go through it and accept the invitation. Once I got home I opened it up and read through the paperwork.  I slept on the invitation for a day.. Youth Development in Morocco.

Then I had to accept it via email with the following statement –

“I, A. Alexander, am accepting my invitation to serve as a Youth Developer (YD) Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco departing September 12, 2011.

I hereby certify that I have read the Volunteer Description, Online Welcome Book and Core Expectations and agree to abide by the policies therein.”

Whoohoo! Invited “officially” accepted.

And ironically.. yep..more paperwork!  😛  By this time in my application process I just look at new paperwork with a jaundiced eye and shrug.. Le Sigh.. Paperwork.

Its good paperwork too – one is for the no fee passport – which is to be done “immediately,” – well its going to have to wait till the weekend when I can get some passport photos taken at the local CVS – that’s as “immediate” as its gonna get with working a 40+ hour week as an AmeriCorps member.

Another folder holds paperwork to revamp my resume and talk about my aspirations as a Peace Corps Volunteer  with a 10 day deadline – which also will be taken care of this weekend.

I also started to read the Peace Corps Volunteer Handbook and once I hit pg 4 or was it 5? I knew I need to again call the Peace Corps – because I now had to withdrawal my application with “The Agency,” because you can’t work or be connected with the intelligence community while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer although they do mention that the Peace Corps did actually involve itself at one time those “types” of activites.

The reality is – I had to have some kind of employment once my last year of service with AmeriCorps ended if the Peace Corp didn’t come through and I went to school to be a political/intelligence analyst – so to apply to “The Agency,” was a logical choice.  I did apply to other government agencies such as USAID and my friend who is a former State Department employee has been urging me to apply there because she thinks I am crazy to do Peace Corps – what can I say? I enjoy adventure and hand washing clothing – kidding on the hand washing part.

It was nice to see the resolution to this snafu could be resolved with a series of emails and wasn’t a massive bump in the road.

I was a cool cucumber until today when it hit me during lunch when I was continuing my reading of the Volunteer handbook.  I had a moment of overwhelming panic – where I thought to myself – What the heck am I thinking?  Going back to warm unrefrigerated eggs? Powdered milk? No microwave? and French toilets?  Am I sure I can do this?

It was like when my girl friends talk about how being pregnant becomes real to them at some point. Peace Corps just became really really real.  It wasn’t something that I was casually waiting to maybe move forward with – its happening and soon!

If I were pregnant I would go into nesting mode but I am not.

Instead I grab a hold of the panic, stuff it down, start writing a list and making a plan because I am my mother’s daughter.  If there is one thing my mother taught me its being ready especially for the worst possible scenario while hoping for the best.


5 thoughts on “Unpacking My Moroccan Invitation

  1. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. That is the government way. BTW, I believe that the Peace Corps is waaaay better than any “Intelligence” organization. You get to get your hands dirty by helping people instead of having them dirtied with blood. I am glad that you will be here for Ramadan, though we don’t know how much we’ll actually get to see you. InshaAllah, you will do much good and will learn something as well.

    1. LOL.. it was a long shot anyways Taniya with the intelligence agencies. I hope that I can at least attend a few iftars and inshaAllah host one at my home before I go. I plan on having a farewell potluck before I go as well. InshaAllah

    1. Hi Cait!
      Well that makes a total of three of us that I know of including me, you and one other woman who is headed to Morocco!
      I look forward to meeting you at Staging!!
      If you have any questions – email me.. I have hooked up with a nice bunch of RPCV from Morocco!

  2. Wow that’s a lotta paperwork. Wish they could make it easy for everyone and just come up with one form. I am happy that you are finally in the Peace Corps 🙂 InshAllah everything will be fine. Just go through your stint and you will find something of value when you come back.

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