Peace Corps Shutdown

So if you live under a rock or maybe in a cave you haven’t heard that the US government can’t get its act together to pass a budget.

So the question that bugs me is what about my freakin Peace Corps placement?  Selfish I know.. hey.. even my food stamps will be cut off during this budget oh joy!

Specifically what will be effected is what follows –

Suspended Peace Corps Activities: The document lists activities not necessary for safety of human life and protection of property and scheduled to be suspended.  Those activities include:

  • Volunteer recruitment, selection and placement <– see that PLACEMENT will be suspended!!
  • 50th anniversary commemorations and Third Goal activities
  • Activities of thirteen program offices including the Office of Volunteer Recruitment and Selection, Office of Public Engagement, Office of Overseas Programming and Training Support and the American Diversity Programs Office.

New Volunteer Stagings: Any stagings scheduled for three weeks after the beginning of a shutdown should be continued.  Other future stagings will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Hiring Freeze: The document notes there will be an immediate hiring freeze at the outset of the shutdown.  ”No new job offers will be made, and any firm or tentative job offers are suspended until the funding hiatus is over.”
So.. for all you Peace Corps applicants out there – plan on having a back up plan – job, housing etc – because as we know the Federal government isn’t known for its efficiency.

While I await placement – what better time to study for the GRE?  Since the scores are good for 6 years – a perfect setup for when I get back.. is to already have the score in place so all I have to do is get recommendations and write essays in addition to the general applications to the schools I am interested in.

Something for all Perspective Volunteers could consider as a way to transition back to the States from their countries of service.

If you want more details on the Peace Corps Shutdown plan – check out this post from the National Peace Corps Association – if you really want to get technical check out the PDF at the bottom of the article.

In the mean time – get busy with something that can benefit your application or placement like language lessons, TEFOL certification or a hobby like forestry!


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