*Cough* Blog Construction *Cough*

My dear lovely readers – Salaam alaikum!

I just wanted to make you aware.. that there are changes afoot here at the blog.  No need to alert Watson – however.. in case you’re wondering where certain things have disappeared to – or why a new widget in the sidebar appeared – it’s all in an effort to make the reader experience better – and less hassle free as possible.

Such as moving all the links to its own “page” and getting rid of somethings on the sidebars.

I am also in the process of figuring out how to move the blog to officially being self hosted outside of wordpress.  Don’t worry.. I will post a post ahead of the move here, on twitter and the Facebook home – so none of you are wondering “Where did the blog go?”

Also the URL will be different than the current one – the new website will be – http://www.nomadnoor.com – I have secured the URL.. I just don’t have the expertise to move the blog yet!

As for the look of the blog – I am looking into having a custom wordpress theme created for the blog – I have a clear idea of the functionality I want for the blog – but I am still a bit blurry on the over all look – I sketched the header on a scrap piece of paper – which.. I have to look for.. in my creatively organized piles on my desk.. well inshaAllah I find it…..again if not I am back to the drawing board literally.

I am a bit worried because I write about all sorts of things and many of the blog themes are constrained to specific topics like “travel” or “girly.”  Islamic themes – are a bit over the top and I want something that will grow and allow for my shotgun style of blogging – meaning scattered – and reflecting the moment or the motive of why I need to express what I need to express when I need to do so. WHEW. So.. yeah. *clears her throat*

Ahheemmm… also if anyone has suggestions on the new look – or wants to share what they like about the current set up of the blog – please leave a constructive comment!!  I am in need of all the input I can use at this point.  SO please leave a constructive comment about the blog set up – pretty please with cherries on top.


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