Bathroom Remodel – Part 2

So finally – three cheers the downstairs bathroom is done!

Its gone from sad 1970’s styling to retro 1920’s – 1930’s Chicago inspired style.  See (The Remodel) Post to view the demolition of the  downstairs bathroom and the materials we picked.

The finished product is beautiful!!

And we have a new all white Toto throne 😀

The materials for the upstairs bathroom –

The demo’ed bathroom – all of the stud’s were water rotten and mold covered before being replaced.

The bathroom’s new sign…

Where the shower use to be locatedThe medicine cabinet

The sink, bathroom counter and cabinets

The title on the wall but not grouted

The upstairs bathroom title laid in a diamond pattern on the floor

Now hopefully the upstairs bathroom will be done in the next week to two weeks.



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