Saudi Aramco

It took a couple months but I finally received my first copy of Saudi Aramco Magazine!  Yippie!

It was recommended to me by a good friend who said.. why not get this interesting magazine.. which is free?

I love sharing cool things with people – so that’s why I am blogging about this magazine – plus did I mention its FREE?!

The current bi monthly issue has articles on Iran and other areas of the globe and the magazine is mostly cultural / historical anthropology.. not politically based.

So if your interested in getting a free copy -click on the word  Subscription to go to the Saudi Aramco subscription page for the magazine.


One thought on “Saudi Aramco

  1. Thanks-I just subscribed. Can’t wait to see it!

    BTW, when I was in High School, I was a day student at a boarding school. A large number of the girls there were daughters of Aramco employees, so this is very interesting to see!

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