Blogging Book Review

So I have been looking at blogging books recently because I want to figure out how to spiff up the blog here.   So I have spent hours reading reviews on Amazon and trying to figure out which book to purchase.  So I was shopping at Joann’s Fabric and I spotted this book.

Ok.. So I am no electronic Martha Stewart but I want to really jazz up the blog – InshaAllah in a few simple ways and I though this book could help.

This book although pretty with the layout and photos didn’t actually help me make major immediate changes.  What the book did do was make me realize – apparently all the crafty bloggers are on – that I need to invest in Photoshop – OUCH at $200 for the suite if I want to put on the Ritz here at my modest electronic home.

The book also made me thinking about my blog brand – what is it?  I still haven’t figured that out since many people just specialize in one topic – instead of being like me and blogging on topics as they come up or feel are important enough to share.  I find that after a while such a singular focus would probably kill my creative juices – such that they are – and I would give up blogging entirely.

So in the mean time – I will be saving up for Photoshop I guess.


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