Peace Corp Placement

On Tuesday I finally got the time to update my resume after waiting for my boss to write my job description.  So I was really excited to email it out to the Placement Officer and and then confirmation they received it a few days later.

My grandfather and step grandma sent a great letter that arrived earlier in the month – made me feel very proud of working so hard to get into the Peace Corps.

I was happy to have my grandpa and my step grandma say that they would be proud to have me represent the United States 🙂

Now I just wonder how long it will take to get a placement match. A month?  Two Months?  or more??

Ah well I have enough to keep me busy in the mean time what with work and my hermit habits on the weekend. *Shrug*

I am working hard to care for people in my family and the house as my mother is working long hours and isn’t at home.  The good news is that life remains exciting as ever now that I have directed all my energy towards the Peace Corps.  How you might be wondering?

Well.. as they say.. when you stop looking for Mr. Right.. Mr. Right finds you?  Suddenly men are a buzz around this hive and this Queen Bee is looking to change her horizons.

Ironic? Yes. But I guess that is just life.


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