The Remodel

So our upstairs shower sprung a leak… a BIG leak..

Soooo we had to cut a big hole in the ceiling of the downstairs bathroom.. OH JOY.  You’d think.. just fix the leak right? Wrong.. our leak is between the shower and the wall.. so to fix it we need to remodel the upstairs bathroom.  Small problem.. we only have one shower in our house and its upstairs.

So if we want to fix upstairs we need to remodel the downstairs bathroom to get the upstairs bathroom fixed. Oddly circular thinking yes?

We are keeping the current color palette –

The Chicago Floor Tile-

But with some slight changes such as adding in a shower!

Exciting but its still not tiled or have any fixtures – we choose black and white subway tile.

We are also upgrading our sink from this-

To this although the fixtures will be replaced-

The new fixtures – still in the box-

One really cool thing we found was behind the medicine cabinet in the wall.  It was a handwritten note in pencil by the original owner of the house!  It detailed original purchase price of the home $13,750, date of purchase- November 1956, the down payment $750 and the monthly payments of $88.


We still haven’t figured out the new light fixture or a new medicine cabinet for the bathroom..maybe a Toto toilet?? and then on to remodeling the upstairs bathroom.   I wonder if we will find any interesting historical finds in the upstairs bathroom – well besides the leak.


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