The Domino Effect? #Jan25 & #Sidibouzid

During the Cold War the United States and its Democratic allies worried that Communism and its values would spread across the world there by toppling democracy and capitalism as they knew it – this was known as The Domino Effect.

Now the United States and its “Democratic” allies are worried about the Domino Effect occurring in a new way.  One the spread of independent Islamic states and two the spread of Democracy in the regions of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

As resources dwindle due to over consumption by the 10 – 15 % of the world – mainly Europe , Canada, Australia, China and the United States of America the competition to control them has become more fierce.

Governments in these countries are worried that with the spread of revolution once pliant partners are now going to turn into the Hugo Chavez’s of their region – that they will no longer be willing to prostitute themselves for foreign aid or mindless agree to political views or action that ultimately put their nations at tactical or military disadvantage out of fear of the use of hard power – ie invasion, bombing or assassination.

I think the political game is part of the motivation behind the revolution of Tunisia and inshaAllah Egypt.  Its also that the so called leaders of these nations didn’t care for their people by being responsive to their needs.  When the leaders are eating cake, wearing designer clothing and driving six figure vehicles while the majority of the population starves.   The people will rise up against such leaders especially if in addition to those excesses they are abused,  oppressed by the military and police, such was the case in Russia with the Czar, France – Marie Antoinette and the Philippines – President and Imelda Marcos.

Why should people or the world be surprised this desire for self-determination has grown in the Middle East? I mean seriously – given all the bull shit about bringing freedom to Iraq and Afghanistan through invasion? All of the secret and no so secret power plays from the very fall of the Ottoman Empire.

Perhaps these revolutions had to wait until there was the means by which such a large population could communicate over vast distances with relative ease – the advent of social media.

Social media has created the perfect means to crowd source and oh my friends in Egypt, Tunisia and else where in countries where the governments restrict access like China out of very survival learned to hack the system.

I know from my twitter community some people seem surprised by President Obama’s response.  I am not – politicians will tell you anything to get into office – just like a guy will tell you anything to get in your pants – interesting correlation yes?

Obama and Clinton don’t want to burn any bridges – they will wait for a clear victor then say they had been backing the winner all along and that it was time for a change – if the Egyptians are able to move out Mubarak.  I firmly believe they can if they don’t get complacent and believe the lies of the media and diplomats calling for a stop to the protests.  If Mubarak stays in power he will be public congratulated on finding a resolution to the conflict and privately told to ensure such a thing doesn’t happen again.

So Egyptians and the world need to say no to the answer of – Bukara meaning tomorrow – from Mubarak and the world.  Freedom today my friends.  Freedom always!


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