Oh Baby!

Spring is almost here and with spring comes the arrival of babies!  Many of my married friends are expecting their first child this spring.  So as a way to celebrate this wonderful miracle.  Alhumdualillah.

I got out my sewing machine and created a bunch of wild and funky patterned baby blankets.

Sunny Polka Dots-  I made this one for my friend who is expecting a daughter.  InshaAllah

Big Love-  For my coworkers daughter who is a year old.. her favorite colors are pink and brown.

Linear Lime- For my friend who’s husband is in Misr while she awaits the birth of their first child in Norway inshaAllah.  No word on the gender yet.. so I went with the green as its the Prophet (pbuh) favorite color and its gender neutral.

If your interesting in making a blanket like this you will need-

1 yard – flannel

1 yard – polar tech fleece

Pin the fabrics back to back with the pattern on the inside- so the wrong side faces out.

Then sew them pieces together – removing pins as you go into you have all except for a 3 inch hole sewn together.

Then you pull the blanket inside out through the hole and sew the hole closed.

Then make dua and wrap it up nicely and give it to someone in need of a blanket for a baby!


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