Berkeley Bloom

Many people are striking out on their own to start e-businesses and one of those people is my good friend.  She just “formally” started her card business – Berkeley Bloom Cards and Creations.  I happen to have a self-professed obsession of paper goods.  Just give me an excuse to buy an office supply or a paper product. 🙂

I have always loved my friend’s cards she would make for Eid because I know she puts so much thought, effort and time into making each one for each person -below is the one she made for me for this past Eid.

So now that these are available to the masses how could I not tell the world about this wonderful new business?  I ended up purchasing four of her cards.  Two for people’s upcoming birthdays and two Shahada cards – just in case there is a new Shahada or one of my friends Shahada birthday comes up!

So if your in need of a few cards.. I highly recommend Berkeley Bloom Cards and Creations.


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