Got mail?

So on Tuesday night I came home from work around 7pm and followed my general ritual of being welcomed by a seething pack of dogs this time including our friend’s poodle – Kobe, dumping my purse on the sideboard, closing the blinds on the front room windows, unwinding my hijab and finally greeting my family.

I wandered in to the family room and start talking about my day and my mom asked me if I got any mail.  I said no because it wasn’t in its usual place on the sideboard.  I asked why ask about if I got mail?  She said you didn’t tell me about your current Peace Corps status.. I saw on your Facebook that there was a status change of some kind.

I had gotten an email over the weekend saying that the Peace Corps had completed my medical file and reached a decision. I told her I figure it might take a while to get a letter from the Peace Corps.  Then I wandered into my bedroom and on the floor was the mail.

Laying there was the letter from the Peace Corps.

Butterflies in the stomach didn’t cover how I felt.

I figured it would be like ripping off a band aid best to open the letter quickly and get the news.  This process had started 15 months ago, So why wait to get the news if I was medically qualified or not?  I shouldn’t fear the answer either way.  I always have a plan B and C to go with my plan A.

So I said Bismillah in my head & heart then opened the letter.

I teared up reading the line,” The Office of Medical Services is pleased to inform you that you have been medically qualified for service…”

Alhumdualillah.  A goal that I have had since high school is one step closer to being achieved.

I know some people might be having less than warm feeling about the Peace Corps since the 20/20 special on the murder of Kate Puzey and the rapes of Peace Corps volunteers.

These things are horrible and the Peace Corps bears responsiblity for the breach of information security in Kate Puzey’s case and in the other rapes to give counseling and not blame the victim for the assault which is the attackers choice not the victims.  Its also the Peace Corps responsibility to accurately report the incidents of violence and not create abnormally low statistics by choosing a data collection method that will make good looking statistics for the public and press.


So your probably wondering why I am moving forward anyways?  First because A. its something I have always wanted to do ,B. I feel I can do my best to prevent myself from being raped and C. I would regret it if I didn’t go to the Peace Corps as it’s a once in a lifetime experience.  Plus Nothing is ever certain in life.  🙂 So I am focusing on my ability to hopefully do some positive change. InshaAllah.

As for when I will hear from my Placement Officer.. I have no idea.

May Allah protect us all and provide healing for the families and women who have experienced violence or death of a Peace Corps Volunteer. Ameen


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