Has the world gone crazy?

This past week has shown just how unpredictable life can be a random citizen shoots up the local mall in Tucson, AZ killing 6 and injuring many more.  The bravery of ordinary citizens stood out on that day with one woman grabbing the shooters magazine and two men tackling him.

The media has yet to call this act of violence an act of  domestic terrorism – which is ironic given the act was focused on killing a Congresswoman a representative of our government perhaps the irony is that if the shooter was Muslim – that is exactly what the news channels across the US and world would be calling what happened this week.

This was an act of domestic terrorism.  This is what the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.)  should be focused on instead of entrapping innocent citizens that happen to be Muslim.  Although I am not really surprised by this trend given the F.B.I.’s historical actions against African-Americans – it’s not all surprising they are pulling the same stuff with a new group.

Might I not so humbly suggest the F.B.I. get a new play book?

What I thought was interesting was how suddenly the rhetoric of the right was suddenly being cited as the key reason in this act of domestic terrorism.  Can I say.. It’s about time?!

Republican’s, FOX news and tea partier’s alike.. running around spouting crazy statements with no accountability.  Oh let’s count the ways shall we?  First we have WMD’s, next we have tax cuts for the rich will lead to wealth for the poor and my all time favorite is that we are bringing freedom to the Muslim world.

The Muslim nations can bring freedom to themselves should they desired it.  Such is the case of Tunisia – protests have led to the removal of the dictator of almost as many years a Mubarak has been in office in Egypt.

Now is this all republican’s or tea party members? – No.  However these are the party lines that they are buying into.

Rhetoric can influence people and groups to do horrific things be it killing, oppressing and othering people or putting them in work, re-education or death camps.  Rhetoric can also be used to find the common bonds that make our families and communities stronger.

This is what we as people need to be actively looking for – common ground.  It doesn’t matter if I pray in a different way than you.  We both pray.

It doesn’t matter that I am a different ethnic background than you.  We are both living together in the same nation.

It doesn’t matter that I speak a different language than you.   We want the same things at the end of the day.  Shelter, Food, and Safety.

Seek common ground amid the crazy world and bind each other together with love instead of distrust and fear.


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