The poor and the entitled.

Its that week.. the week before Christmas. My organization is working hard to make it special for those who are in need. The candle in everyone’s office is being burnt at both ends and the middle.

We have collected clothing, toys and food just to name some of the items. Meeting after meeting to sit through as we try to cram in work before the break and big holiday party.

Its sure to be a zoo and there are sure to be tears on Friday in addition to all the other drama of giving gifts.

I wasn’t surprised to note that one of the issues was entitlement just disappointed when one of my co workers brought it up. He mentioned how individuals will argue that they should get more than the next person in line.

I wish I could give these people who feel this way some perspective.

What a blessing they have access to so many things should they desire it and some have no need to ask or work hard for things like clean water or proper sanitation.

How little we think of such things having so much at our finger tips.

May we all be a bit more aware of our blessings not just this season but every season.


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