Yes. I am crazy.

Forgive me for not posting in a while but its been a whirl wind these last few weeks. I got an idea for another blog while I was washing my hair in the shower.. and it led to TWO blogs being created instead of one! SubhannaAllah.

It all stems from the story of Layla and Majnun.  I just couldn’t help wondering what Layla had to say about the whole situation.  What would she have said?  I also really loved the idea of writing letters to my future husband.   So then I thought.. how many women out there are going through the hubby hunt or just relationship crazyiness.. and need a place to express their ideas, opinions and voice.  Just like Layla.

So I came up with my new blog – Layla’s Letters –

Then a twitter follower of mine -Muslimerican replied and said what about the guys?

I felt kinda bad and I being a lover of equality – said you know what? Your right!

So I then created the blog Majnun’s Letters –

Which of course meant I had to set up Twitter accounts for each of them – so now I am using Hootsuite to manage all of the twitter accounts.  Yikes.

I am hoping both of the new blogs will generate a dialog and conversation in the community about marriage and relationships in the Ummah.

While at the same time give peoples inner most heart a place to speak out.

Yes I am crazy.  I really am given I work full time..and its Sunday, my laundry still isn’t done and I have yet to eat breakfast.



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