Can Jack Sparrow lend me his compass?

I need a direction.. and a compass to get me there.  Ok.. I have a job at a local youth organization that is awesome but I am realizing.. what am I going to do after that?

One last year of service for Ameri Corps.. and a Peace Corps application that is under Medical Review.  I am waiting on a letter from my doctor with the specific details on my asthma and some other things.

This process is dragging out eh.. its not like I am in a rush or going anywhere soon.

The hubby hunt is no longer exciting or thrilling as it first was full of the blush of new hope and optimism. Now I am quite cynical on the whole thing.  I am getting the feeling from my salat that perhaps I should just focus on the Peace Corps and dump the hubby hunt all together for now.

Where is Jack Sparrow’s compass when you need it?

I also have talked with my girl friends about grad school.  It seems like a reasonable back up plan and I also have a renewed interest in working for a government agency.

So now I am more seriously looking into taking the GRE’s so I can apply for some specific fellowships and school at the very least.. I will get the GRE’s out of the way and since those are good for six years still be able to apply to grad schools before I come back from the Peace Corps if and when that happens.

I want to feel a level of certainty regarding the direction in my life but I have yet to find it since my graduation from University in 2009.  If only Allah put an X marks the spot sign so I would at least know I was on the right path.. that would be great if not completely unrealistic.


3 thoughts on “Can Jack Sparrow lend me his compass?

  1. The Jack Sparrow’s compass.. How interesting. Yes if everyone had that, wouldn’t that be interesting and well easy too. But I guess you gotta be the compass yourself at times. All the Best.

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