Good to know I am popular somewhere in the globe.

So I have to preface this by saying.. I am writing this just to express my level of crazy disbelief at how oddly attractive I am to certain men in certain areas of the globe.

So it’s not odd for a woman to be attractive. What is odd to me is that I am hugely popular among the men who don’t have a chance that a snowball has in hell. Perhaps its the allure of a green card? US citizenship? But then there is my experience in Egypt.. which proves.. it’s not the green card or citizenship that is to alluring some people.

For some it was the idea of an American revert – which is very attractive to some men – especially those interested in marrying the American ideal of beauty – blonde, blue or green eyes and white skin. It’s an obsession to be sure especially among the born Muslim men. Oh how many men have passed by me on their way to a “whiter” passure. I just have to laugh because although I have my wonderful build in tan on the areas that get sun.. I am almost as pale as my mom on the parts that never get sun.. in fact four years in on the hijab.. its kinda getting to that glow in the dark level of white. 😀

Then there is the location bit.. umm.. as much as your intelligent, on your Deen and handsome – MashaAllah – your located in Morocco, Tunisa, Algeria, Sudan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Italy, France and the list goes on. You also expect ME? to solve the location issue by either moving there or sponsoring you so you can come here.. UMMM.. how about NO!

Or the whole.. you have a pretty face but the body doesn’t match. Hmm. Way to go with the insult guys. If you don’t like the whole package why are you even messaging me? Let alone insulting not just me but Allah’s creation.

I am not the Princess in Shining Armor to save you from your lack of education, job, money or location. I have enough on my plate without dealing with that. PA-LEEASE.

I am just a girl looking for a guy who happens to be a practicing Muslim, has a job with health insurance, gives my my rights, accepts my family and loves me for me.

Then there is the whole.. you look Arab/Asian/ etc allure. So I have to say that I have always been something of a chameleon – never fitting into most peoples idea of what a certain race should look like according to stereotypes. However it’s getting kinda crazy with peoples guesses and assumptions. Like having someone just walk up and blindsided me with a verbal flood of Hindi or Arabic.
Huh ?! What?! Who me?! Or leave a message in that language and I have to decypher it via Google translator. Hmm 2 goats and a camel you say?

Ah the adventure of looking for a spouse maybe I will go to a professional matchmaker. Less crazies at least leaving messages in my inbox.


2 thoughts on “Good to know I am popular somewhere in the globe.

  1. nice writing. witty. a wise uncle adviced me once to marry from close to home and from close to my own culture. Nothing xenophobic in it. simply easier.

  2. 🙂

    i’m SO GLAD other ppl get this sort of treatment

    i get random ppl coming up from behind me that start talking to me

    from behind me

    as in they’re standing behind me when they’re talking to me… in a different language.


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