The scavenger sandwich

So last night around 1 am I was suddenly very hungry.  I was so hungry I could eat a dinosaur.  So I opened up the fridge and stood staring at the bright light.. wondering what I was going to make to fill the dino size hole in my tummy with little to no fuss?

And I made my scavenger sandwich out of the following ingrediants-

1 cheese bagel

1 slice of cheese

3 slices of lunch meat of your finding – I happened to find Pastrami in the fridge – who knows what you will find in YOUR fridge.

Next up – slice your bagel in half and toast it to your desired liking.

Once your bagel is toasted.. place the lunch meat on a microwave safe plate, place the cheese slice on top of the lunch meat. Microwave till melted.

Then place the gooey meat and cheese on the bagel. Say Bismillah and enjoy!


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