Shiek Ibrahim Dremali Arrested by the FBI

I read this alert regarding this well-loved Imam and was extremely sad and angry at the same time.

The FBI has arrest him and his wife Safaa Rashad Eissa on charges of fraud and conspiracy regarding the immigration and naturalization process of the United States.

Shiek Dremali has been an outspoken anti-war activist in addition to being the long time Imam of the Des Moines Islamic Center. He recently had left his position as Imam of the Des Moines Islamic Center due to his battle with cancer and his decision to take up a teaching post in Texas while continuing his chemo treatments.

I have to question the FBI’s and Homeland Security’s motives given each agencies history of harassment, surveillance and other clandestine activities on American soil.  Some examples include during the civil rights movement with Martin Luther King Jr. , Malcolm X and of course the Black Panthers.

Shiekh Dremali is a graduate of Al Azhar University of Cairo, Egypt, holding a PhD. in Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence).  He is also a professor at the American Open University. He is a member of the Assembly of Muslim Jurists in America (AMJA) and an advisor for the American Muslim Association of North America (AMANA).

He is among a tiny minority of individuals on United States soil who hold PhD. in Islamic subjects making him an extremely valuable source for interfaith work but also a high value target for agencies such as the FBI and Homeland security because he is seen as a possible source for radicalization among the Muslim community.

As history shows us, the intellectual and scholarly elite are always the first targeted when one civilization or society feels threatened or desires to take over and oppress another.   This goes as far back as the Greeks and Romans – check out where we get the term ostracize from.  To more recently the imprisoning and killing of scholars, professors, artists and musicians and book burning in Hitler’s Germany and Castro’s Cuba.

Now with the Patriot Act having been renewed and its powers increased the war on our civil rights and freedoms of not just Muslims but every free thinking individual inside and outside of America is at our doors and its knocking asking to come in.  Tapping our phones, reading our emails, spying on citizens no longer require warrants under the Patriot Act.  Our own President Obama has given the green light to target and kill U.S. Citizen’s if they are deemed a threat to national security.

The preservation of the power and influence of the United States of America has always been and always will be the number one priority of the government.

Throwing a cancer patient under the bus so to speak isn’t new low for a country that still has warrants out for individuals such as Assata Shakur.  This is a political power play pure and simple.

So I urge my readers to give Senator Harkin a call and the local FBI branches a call too urging them to drop the charges and order to appear on October 20th, 2010 in Des Moines, IA.

As always, please be polite, professional and non-confrontational. Do not
use an accusatory or threatening tone, or use threatening language.
I have pasted some talking points you can use below.

* Imam Dremali’s health is critical and traveling such a distance will
surely cause his condition to worsen.
* The charges against Imam Dremali and Safah are ridiculous! They have been
married for years and have 3 children together.
* Imam Dremali has been a vital source of interfaith relations and outreach
in the Muslim community throughout the US, and has worked tirelessly against
terrorism, extremism, and Islamophobia, building a solid foundation of
friendship, caring, and cooperation between the major US religious groups,
politicians, and civic communities.
* Imam Dremali is only one of a small handful of people who hold Ph.D.s in
the US in Islamic Jurisprudence, and is therefore a vital resource for the
US in interfaith, national, and international relations.
* Media and others accuse moderate Muslims of not speaking out or acting
against terrorism or extremism. Imam Dremali did speak out–this heinous
treatment is despite his activism.
* Imam Dremali’s arrest and persecution teaches a negative lesson for
moderate Muslims that will keep them from speaking out against extremists or
acts of terror committed in the Name of Islam.

Senator Harkin has appeared with and supported Imam Dremali in many events
and endeavors, and on occasion voiced his appreciation of the work Imam
Ibrahim Dremali has made his life’s work. We ask that Senator Harkin
intercede IMMEDIATELY to stop this miscarriage of justice, and the possible
death sentence for Imam Dremali.

Washington DC
731 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
(202) 224-3254 Phone
(202) 224-9369 Fax
Des Moines
210 Walnut Street
Room 733, Federal Building
Des Moines, IA 50309
(515) 284-4574 Phone
(515) 284-4937 Fax

350 W. 6th Street
315 Federal Building
Dubuque, IA 52001
(563) 582-2130 Phone
(563) 582-2342 Fax

Sioux City
320 6th Street
110 Federal Building
Sioux City, IA 51101
(712) 252-1550 Phone
(712) 252-7104 Fax


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