Hidden Hijab Pin Source

Cue the angelic choir!  I have found a reasonably priced source of hijab pins.

I was tagging along with my mom to Joann Fabric’s because she wanted to pick up some notions.. and I stumbled on to hijab pins!  For what I would pay for 3-4 pins I got 40 in many different colors!

So I have to share.. since I know many hijabi’s who pay a lot of money for regular hijab pins.  So perk up ladies.. your nearest sewing store has hijab pins galore for cheap.

A sister recently commented she has had issues with the hijab pins staying in place.  So here are some ways to help keep your hijab in place!  Also helps to use more pins with loosely woven fabrics.

InshaAllah this helps.


4 thoughts on “Hidden Hijab Pin Source

  1. Okay. So I like these because they’re cheap but like when I put in my Hijab they don’t stay. They come off. can you show how to wear them or explain it.


    1. So I also found that to be true but the trick is to “weave” them into the fabric.. if its a loosely woven fabric then its still and issue. Also the direction of the pin can make or break if the pin actually secures the hijab! I will post some photos about that on the post as an update. InshaAllah tonight!

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