100 Items Challenge – Jean Jean Jeans

So I am sure everyone has at least one pair of jeans.  As a nerd it took me a while to catch on to jeans as I lived my life age 5 – 16 or 17 in sweat pants or flannel sleep pants.

Heck I got through high school in flannel sleep pants and a hoodie, I swear to you that I wouldn’t have made it without those things.

So the fact that I am parting with my new love – jeans is huge.  I held on to five pairs of jeans that although worn to the point they were no longer acceptable to wear in public.. I just felt I had to keep them.  I did how ever upgrade to Twill Boot Cut Pants – I purchased 4 pairs because they can do double duty.. work and play!

So now I am getting rid of the old ones and hoping that someone on Free Cycle gives them a new life as something else.

Adieu my loves!

Parting is such sweet sorrow.


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