Peace Corps Application Update

As of Friday.. I am now waiting an answer on my Medical Clearance. Friday was the first day I could hear anything and of course I didn’t.

I am pretty Zen about it.  Eventually I will get an answer – that makes me happy enough.

Life doesn’t stop with one choice or decision.  This is something I am working on being really open to and practicing.  I love planning and thinking about the many possibilities in life in the mean time – I have a job- well for the next 11 months, a roof over my head as long as I need it, transportation and friends and loved ones.

I have multiple things I can do in the mean time like finish my 100 items project, get a hair cut – which I have been meaning to get, travel more of the west coast, increase my knowledge in Islam and do something every day that scares me.

Life is happening now.. and its wonderful.


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