Portland bound..Word Camp and More…

So the tickets are purchased, the room reservation made and double checked and tomorrow I fly off to Portland.  I am nervous.  I am heading to a new city and state I have never ventured to and meeting someone new – a fellow blogger in the process.

I really am hoping that I don’t get lost between PDX – the airport and my hostel.  My mom is in worry mode – what if Saladin128 turns out to be a serial killer, stalker or other random weirdo that you might find on the internet?  Well.. I do know for a fact he is a D&D guy.. so that does up the Geek points but… he has kind eyes and an honest face.  Plus worse case I can hold a bottle of Coke Zero hostage over the ledge of  a high building or out a moving car window.. and I am sure to get my way.  InshaAllah.

I am also curious to learn more about how I can use WordPress to my full advantage.  The use of WordPress for me was more out of the hate of the new Blogger templates than anything else and frustration of Bloggers clunky set up.  I felt like I was driving an old putt putt and suddenly upgraded to a snazzy coupe with WordPress – not that WordPress is perfect.

Another cool thing is that Saladin128 is a recent revert – so it will be cool to be at this event with another Muslim – and not be praying alone in a corner by myself like usual when the salat time comes in.

I also did a quick Yelp search of Portland to see if there are any specific halal spots – big cheer! – there are three in Downtown Portland – 2 Persian and one general Mediterranean?

My friend Brenda just called and has offered to open her home to let me say but I already made my reservation for the hostel.  However she is going to pick me up and we can eat together tonight.. and maybe ask Saladin128 to join?  It kind of depends how I feel after spending the better part of the evening in the airport.. which reminds me I better pick a food spot here to get something in the airport – oh the joys of over priced food.

Somehow  I also managed to get myself down to one small rolly and a duffel.  Although I could have just squished everything in my usual beat up duffel which now that I think about it – is what I should have done but it seemed like I was taking less with two small bags verses my big blue monster duffel.  Dang!

Thank god for FREE wifi at OAK airport or I might go a bit crazy.


4 thoughts on “Portland bound..Word Camp and More…

  1. Alsalamu alaikum,

    well if bro Saladin, Allah-forbid, turns out to be a serial killer, and Allah-forbid, we don’t hear from you in a day or two, we’ll make sure this blog gets to the police! 😀 😀

  2. From Ally’s Mom: We just got the full report from Splenda Lee. Very happy to hear that I have nothing to worry about, in fact quite the opposite, MUCH to be happy about.

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