Make me laugh and you are half way there

I just got picked up from the airport and then the Jetson’s door bell started to play. No. I wasn’t delusional or hearing things – well I was but it was my ring tone!  Not the voices in my head I usually hear.  Guess who was on the other end of the line? Saladin128 that who. 😀

He called to see if I landed and was making my way to my hostel.  Which I was with the help of Bambi Jo Youngblood aka Tia Brenda until he called.  Then I admit my curiosity got the better of me, so I changed my plans last-minute to meet Mr Enigma – Saladin128.

So.. while Brenda made her way from the airport.. we somehow managed to end up right near Saladin’s hotel and find a reasonably located restaurant.  After figuring out parking.. my parental approved chaperone/side kick and I met Mr Saladin128 inside.

First thoughts were – wow he looks just like his photo except thinner and yes.. he is a strawberry blond – not a red head.

Second thought was – OMG.. I wonder what he is thinking.  I kept thinking that the whole meal.  Although I wouldn’t really call what I ate a meal because cheese sticks and a rootbeer float – don’t even count in my mother’s book.

I laughed a lot the whole meal which was good and listened attentively.  I usually am the talker but I wanted to hear and learn more about him now that I had him there and in front of me.  Whew.. good thing for my side kick – peppering him with more questions!  I thought it was really interesting to hear him talk about Islam, get his perspective on why he ended up in far-flung sand filled places.   I continued to be impressed by his intelligence and wit. At the same time Saladin is a self-contained guy. He isn’t one to talk about his achievements or dominate a conversation to be sure but he as a wicked sense of humor.  I may seem outgoing but I can be shy and wait a while to ask questions that I really want to if I am nervous about meeting someone.  Though at the same time – I felt like I was meeting someone I had known for a long time – it felt natural to joke and talk with him.

After the meal.. I couldn’t resist shaking his hand – which now is officially “Diamonds!”  because I declare it so.  My face also hurt because I was smiling and laughing so much.  Thank goodness I didn’t do a reverse snort of my rootbear float although it was a close thing at some points.

Now if I could only read HIS mind.. and all other guys.. the world would be mine! >evil chuckle<


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