How we have grown.

On my trip back to the Midwest – Chicago and Michigan it was time to see how my brother (although not blood related)  and my cousin’s have grown and changed.

From the left – Justin, Dave, Mike and I.

The first thing I am very excited about is the fact my brother is going to be a daddy in December 2010 – InshaAllah.  I had yet to meet Dani his fiance and mother of his soon to be child.  So I was very excited to meet her and see how her pregnancy was progressing.  My brother – poor guy – is starting to feel more and more pressure as the months and Dani’s belly have grown.  It was finally a bit more real when they found out they are having a girl and picked the name Sasha for their unborn child.  I personally keep wondering how big the baby is going to be – when Dave still only reaches my shoulder and Dani isn’t any taller but more fine boned.

My cousin Justin is married now to Melissa and has a beautiful daughter named Karin with biggest blue eyes I have ever seen.  Karin reminds me of the character “Boo” from Monsters Inc.. except blond and blue eyed.  I would post a photo of her but I was asked not to.

My other cousin Mike has married Elizabeth.  They seem happy having moved from Milwaukee, WI back to Grand Rapids, MI.

Its definitely interesting to see how all the guy cousins have matured and how they treat their significant others.  Some are very supportive and equal partners while other in my opinion need to take on more of an equal role and less of a “Me man. Wait on me hand and foot role.”

Still.. my how we have all changed.  So far I am the only singleton of the group and thank goodness no one from this side of the family had any questions as to why I am still single and don’t have kids etc.  Then I would have to explain the whole finding a husband bit in Islam to them – which would confuse them further.  I can say I am happy with my life and the wonderful people who fill it.  Who knows? Maybe in the next few months I too will be married?  Allah knows best.


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