Chicago Food – The three P’s

So in traveling back to my hometown and birth place I was obsessed with FOOD!  I didn’t get to eat everywhere but I did my best to hit as many as the top spot to which my new khakis can attest being that they now fit- where they use to be a bit baggy before.

Spot #1. Lu Malnati’s – Deep Dish Butter Crust Pizza – that phrase says it all.

Spot #2 – Walker Brother’s Pancake House – 49’ers.  Pancakes as thin and light as air.  Yes it is possible.

Spot #3 – Garrett’s Popcorn Factory – Cheese and Carmel.  Need I say more?! Yes. True love is messy and it leaves a bright freaking yellow-orange stain.

The Midwest isn’t afraid of carbs, fat, salt, sugar or deep frying or any combination between.  If it tastes good your suppose to eat it otherwise why make it at all?!  The healthy me plan went straight out the window as I landed in O’Hare.. but it was worth every extra veggie I have to eat to get back on the healthy me plan.

P.S. Apologizes for the weird alignment issues.. I couldn’t get the photos and text to stay where I put them once I saved the post.


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