My soul rests here

I firmly believe there are places where people’s souls are at rest.

In these places all worries, doubts, concerns and stresses fall away.  My soul rests in Lost Valley, MI.  I have often wondered if its even on a map which out of curiosity.. as the thought just occurred I Googled it.. and it is but that doesn’t mean you readers can just show up and hog my spot ok?

Maybe its the combination of the sound of the waves, wind through the dune grass and trees that does it?  The clear water?  The warm sand between my toes? The absolute lack of cell phone and TV reception?

What ever it is I wish I could bottle it and keep it for when I feel like I can’t take the world any more and want to crawl in bed to pull the covers over my head for a year or a few months give or take.

It could be all the great memories I have of summers spent there?  Sleeping in, staying up late, skinny dipping under the full moon, get eaten alive by mosquitoes, catching tree frogs, hiding out in our tree house – which wasn’t built in a tree but on stilts but who cares? It was our tree house.  Bonfires on the beach, going to sleep to my aunts, uncles and mom talking the night away while playing bridge or cribbage.  Eating ourselves sick on cherry strudel.  Some places are meant for the soul to rest.  This is one of those places.


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