Dates, dates and more dates!

So dates are the center piece food of Ramadan.  I happen to be a huge fan of dates – specifically Majool Dates – the big and juicy ones although I have friends who enjoy the more skinny and dry ones.

So I had a thought.. stuffed dates!

I opened the fridge and spied blue cheese and then I saw the dates and a light bulb went off in my head – A blue cheese stuffed date.  OMG my mouth started watering and it wasn’t even Maghrib yet!

Then I thought -umm something spicy but sweet – a Salsa stuffed Date.

An almond stuffed date – now there are two ways to do it – one remove the pit and replace with a whole toasted almond OR you can chop some almonds and then stuff the date.

Then it occurred to my I could put my favorite cheese in a date!  A brie stuffed date.. Heaven!

In the end I was out of pre made salsa and didn’t have the ingrediants to make salsa from scratch – bummer!  But I did spy cream cheese and hot sauce in the fridge..

So I ended up actual making cream cheese stuffed date, brie stuffed date, chopped almond stuffed date and a hot sauce and cream cheese stuffed date.  Out of the four different stuffed dates I made my favorites were the hot sauce and cream cheese as well as the brie stuffed date.


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