When I die.. what will they say?

So my Aunt Kate passed away on July 24th, 2010 and today I received the email of her obituary – 8/23/10.  The word written spoke of a well lived life but it made me ask myself.. what do I want my legacy upon my death to be?

Nabi (pbuh) had of course fulfilled his purpose in the Dunya by bring the light of Islam to the people of the Arab world and beyond.  Alhumdualillah.

I have to question – what have I done in this life that makes me worthy of the Akhira? I have done my best to do good deeds but I constantly feel lacking.  I like I am trying to grip a fistful of sand – the tighter I grip the less sand I hold till just a few grains are left.

I see individuals who are doing great good deeds that effect more than a few people and I desire to be that person.  I have thought a lot about what I have to offer the world and the idea I have come up with is to get the Islamic world to go green.

Sounds crazy but every time I go to Jummah – I see people who have a lot of financial success but contribute very little to the Masjid, Ummah and in terms of protecting the environment.  Alhumdualillah our masjid is pretty green – we are having Green Iftars as well.

However I have noticed such projects as going green, slow food and organic are something that the wealthy among our communities have the luxury to do.  Where as those who are working class or the working poor or just straight poor don’t have the same luxury because of the barrier’s of cost, access and time.

Many reading this might think.. why are you so concerned with everyone else? Are you just concerned with the people in America? the World?  And Alhumdualillah – Imam Zaid Shakur explained where my concern is from –

“One who makes the world his concern, he will be pulled in a million different directions and the one who makes his concern God, his concerns will become one.”

I feel like my concern with the well being of the world and my local community comes from my own inner spirit and Allah.  How can I be comfortable – when I know there are tons of other people around the globe uncomfortable?  I have a luxury of access to goods and services due to money, location and citizenship – that in having access and knowing the pros and cons can say – I don’t need this anymore.

From – Having a bunch of office supplies, clothes, shoes – things that I purchase and then never get around to using.  Books.. that people give me and I will never read – or books I get – thinking it might be interesting an then is a bore so I put it down and never pick it up again.  TV – its a time suck.. that I happen to be addicted to!  I could get rid of my TV and just have my laptop.  Cell phones – its nice but I liked the days before we were all so interconnected.  No one writes an old fashioned letter anymore – now I sound like my grandmother!

There is also the benefit of not knowing what your missing – if my future kids – inshaAllah when I have them – never know of a cell phone or TV – it would be a beautiful thing – but probably not realistic at all.

Ultimately my concern is Allah – and with it everyone else.  I feel like when I help serve other people I am purifying and improving myself.

So I am wondering – Why are my readers committed or not committed to serving their community and others?  What do you get out of it – on a personal, social or other level?  Let me know by leaving a comment.


One thought on “When I die.. what will they say?

  1. I often feel like you do-like I’m not doing enough. But everyone tells me that what I DO do is important, because every bit of help, getting the message out, counts. I’m kind of limited by location and money. I sign a lot of petitions, write a lot of letters, and make phone calls. Still, if health and money would allow, I’d be in Gaza right now! Or at least in NOLA with Habitat for Humanity! (Someone said that maybe my lack of finances is protecting my health!) Anyway, whenever I hear of one of those petitions working, or that a phone call or letter made a difference, I feel like I might be one little cog in the wheel, but by golly-me and the other cogs made that wheel turn a wee bit!

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