Paperback Swap – How to use it effectively to declutter!

So I have been using PaperbackSwap now.. for close to 3-4 years now and I have learned its a great money saving and decluttering tool.

My two biggest tips are as follows:

1. Check to see if people actually want the book you are going to post.

If people don’t want the book – then it ends up taking space in your house.  So only post books that people want.  If its not a book people want – post it on Freecycle – which is a Yahoo Group – that has local groups that people join and post stuff they don’t want or that they are looking for – and the rule is first email – first serve – and its all for free! Or just dump the books off at the local library’s donation book bin – I do that once every year.

2. Offer the book to friends you have made on Paperback Swap:

You can just message some of your frequent swappers or friends and say.. hey.. I was wondering if you might be interest..?

Awesome low cost ways.. to get rid of old books you don’t want!


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