Operation Scanner – 100 Item Challenge

So during the process of sorting through my shoes.. I had a light bulb go off! I realized.. I have a lot of paper in my life and no I am not talking about money – which sadly I don’t have a lot of that or books. I am talking about mail, important documents, old school work, tax returns and other items of sentiment or legal import – like those monthly bank statements.

I realized I need to stop storing paper. I seriously question what an archeologist from the future is going to think of a society that is literally hording paper. Maybe she will think we worship paper?

So all those portfolios of school work from Eagle Rock, that first history project in first grade etc – which I am inordinately proud and protective of and have kept now for almost close to 10 years were on the chopping block due to my new commitment to the 100 item’s challenge. The beauty of technology save my sanity and my memories – it occurred to me.. I can scan these portfolios and other documents into my computer and save them as PDF’s on an external hard drive.

Thank goodness for technology. I figure if I wanted to be really secure about it, I can always store the information on a online server farm and just pay the monthly storage fee – that way even my house being swept away by the dam breaking or crushed by an earth quake – should generally keep the information secure.

I will keep physical copies of birth certificates, passports and social security cards – everything else – say hello to Mr. Shredder.

Bye, bye paper storage and clutter. I will still have to keep up with it. So I figure if I set aside a couple of hours at the end of each month and scan all the papers I have collected then shred the paper version – all will be well.

I will have reclaimed at the end of this operation – which I think will last a couple weeks or just a week if that’s all I do – all weekend. I will reclaim 5- 10 cubic square feet in my bedroom.


One thought on “Operation Scanner – 100 Item Challenge

  1. You can store on the external drive-AND back up on an online server. I mean, I’m really paranoid like that…;-) Now I feel challenged to get rid of some of my clutter too!

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