A Gay Islamic Bar is the response to Park 51?! WTF!

So if you know me… it usually takes a lot for me to be like.. go take a long walk of a short pier because your so obviously lacking the IQ and/or common sense to even lick my shoes.

But this is one of those exceptions to the rule.  So the idiot in question is Greg Gutfeld who according to Wikipedia is a “political libertarian and political satirist – who works for FOX news.” This guy in an effort to support tolerance for Park 51 has decided to purchase commercial space across from Park 51 and build a gay bar that would specifically cater to Gay Muslims in addition to the other religious denominations among the gay male community according to this blog entry –The Daily Gut – My New Gay Bar.

Now if I were Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.. I might say.. what are you talking about?! There are no gays in NYC – especially Muslim Gays!  But SNL – has the dirt on Ahmadinejad as seen here –I ran so far – SNL Short.

As for Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Bin Abdulrahman Bin Faisal Bin Turki Bin Abdullah Bin Muhammad Bin Saud of Saudi Arabia – yeah say that three times fast – well his track record when it comes to homosexuals isn’t exactly pure as driven snow either – although I am sure the CIA has some dirt on him.  I wonder if he would say no gays live in Saudi Arabia or would he own up to there being gays but say that’s only amongst the foreign workers?

On a side note – whats up with none of the Saudi princesses having profiles on Wikipedia that are more than one liners that basically say – she got married to that guy?  That’s just SAD – islamically speaking.

So Mr Genius has decided that his evil plan of a gay bar will surely put a significant dent in the Park 51 plans.. on we are shaking on our prayer rugs Greg!

Even if you offered a floor with non alcoholic  drinks and have it open 24/7 – I figure your going to end up really taking a loss because what in the closet gay Muslim do you know .. that’s going to go to a gay bar right across from the Masjid- with like a 50% chance of being spotted by someone they know in the Ummah?  Anyone? Going once, going twice.. sold to NO ONE.  Then what Muslim.. is going to go into an establishment selling alcohol and spend money there?  Umm Yeah.. talk about spending money in a Haraam establishment.

So.. Greg.. even after your secret plan to sabotage Park 51 fails.. well we can reminisce over some dates and milk – next Ramadan at Park 51 – ahh isn’t life bitter sweet?!


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