Ramadan Update

I meant to blog each day about Ramadan but then life caught up with me.  : /  As my fasting is now in day 9 – my stomach has shrunk and my ability gauge how thirsty I am has lessened as my body has acclimatized to being without food and water for 16 hours at a time.

However my eyes still remain as large as ever.. leading to tummy aches. 😀

My desire to cook tempting elaborate meals for Suhoor has fallen to zero – well at least making any type of effort has.  I have no idea how people cook while fasting.. since you can’t taste test – so when one of my friend’s baked a strawberry rhubarb pie to pass the time – my mind boggled and my tongue did a happy dance with the first taste.  I have taken to eating pita chips after I break my fast in order to make myself thirstier – so I drink more water before I actually go to sleep – so far I drink between 4-5 25oz bottles of water before I sleep.

I went to Taraweeh prayers for the first time last night of this Ramadan- I have been not motivated to go since it means I will get home around 12:30 -1 am.  I also know its a great way to sweat off the food you just ate for iftar – so when I went I did my best to dress in light clothing but thats kind of hard when I end up layering to stay modest.

Then my water bottle lid broke in the car on the way to Taraweeh.. I was like Oh Allah.. well.. I guess I just have to use it like an old fashioned canning jar – instead of a “true” water bottle.  It ended up taking a while for me to get into the zone when it came to Taraweeh prayers.  Alhumdualillah eventually I got there and it I felt this overwhelming sense of warmth pervade my body – not because it was hot because the masjid was packed and the door was closed – but it filled me with a sense of calm.  Our hafiz recited beautifully, I like to silently mouth the words after the hafiz – it allows me to in some small way increase my knowledge of the Qur’an in Arabic and focus my mind at the same time.

It was especially nice that Imam Zaid, Imam Abdul Latif and Brother Sundiata are rotating on the talk midway through Taraweeh.  Last night Imam Zaid gave the talk.  I was so focused in my prayer that I didn’t notice him and Umm Hussan come into the masjid.  I just noticed this tall brother with a turquoise Galabiyaa take up salat in front of me..and the thought occured to me .. I think thats Imam Zaid.. then I said to myself …nah.. can’t be.  SubhannaAllah it turned out to be Imam Zaid!  He then lead the final portion of the Taraweeh prayers.  It was really a awesome way to end Taraweeh.


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