100 Items

I recently read a great article in TIME magazine entitled How to live with just 100 things

I also read this article on BBC about giving it all up – Cult of Less: Living out of a Hard drive.

I have been this past month again been tumbling the idea in my head wondering how can I live with less?  What do I really need?  What did I purchase or keep for no reason..?  What did I keep based off of memories?  Since I live at home – I don’t have much space for a lot of items but I sure have accumulated a bunch of stuff that I never use with great frequency – meaning depending on the item – once  a month – once every six months – once a year or never.

So I thought.. maybe I can try the 100 things project for myself.  I have to bend the rules a bit just because there are somethings I can’t get rid of yet – like my books.  So all my books are going to count as 1 item – until such time I have saved up for an ereader and either replace the majority with electronic versions or have to burn them for warmth due to an ice age.  Although the texture of the book, weight and smell of the paper – is something I am still not going to give up – even if I had an ereader.

The big thing I am going to focus on is getting rid of the clutter- I am my mother’s daughter- I was taught to shop to save and often that means purchasing in bulk or in large quantities.  I also know that I feel secure when I have a extra of an item or more than that.  I guess its the “be prepared” gene – I got from my mother.  Trust me – I am the person you want to get stuck on a desert island with or go camping with- although I might forget my socks in the process of packing – the stuff that will save your biscuit – ALWAYS gets packed.

The hardest thing is going to be getting rid of items without my mom coming behind me and saying – why are you getting rid of this? Its still perfectly good! Then trying to save it – so she can give to someone else – which could take months or years!

So the project has started by me going through my bookshelves and my closet.. so far I have at least 10 books I am going to list on freecycle and a whole bag of gently used clothes that I am going to give to the local thrift stores… if I can sneek them out of the house before my mom goes through them trying to save them!

Wish me luck!  I will update with a list of what I am keeping as soon as I finish wading through my closet!


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