The Top 5 Most Common Ramadan Injuries

So this is my tongue in cheek homage to Ramadan.

1. Rug burn -Most Muslim’s at one time or another have experienced rug burn on various parts of our bodies.  But since Ramadan this most wondrous month is here- people are getting a bit more zealous in their prayers to the point where cases of rug burn are so serious – it has people questioning… what happened to that guy? He went in for Fajr and came out looking like he went 10 rounds with the champ!

2. Sprained Wrists – I admire people really applying themselves when it comes to salat – however there is a point where throwing yourself down in suhjood as if in an effort to headlock the Shaytan- you end up with sprained wrists.  Gently worship Allah.. it’s not the WWF of Salat folks!

3. Concussions – This usually happens when the masjid is so crowded – MashaAllah – you end up with head to butt syndrome – first its a crick in the neck – then – due to the sudden movement of the brother or sister in front of you – you get a sharp blow to the head – either a stray foot or butt is the culprit.

4. Tummy Aches – You finally break your fast and forget how much your stomach has shrunk.  You pile your plate high – and then take a few bites and are full.  As a good Muslim you know to waste perfectly good food is a sin – so you start taking a spoonful for the team till you finish your plate – side effect a epic tummy ache – but you have done it for the sake of Allah AND scored a good deed.   I just won’t want to be praying in a 20 ft radius around YOU for Tarweeh.

5. Paper cuts – We all love the Qur’an.  Ramadan being the month of the revelation of the Qur’an – its an especially meaningful time to spend time reading and reflecting on the word of Allah (swt). However with the mix of more wuduing than normal and less over all moisture in our system due to fasting our skin is ripe for the worst Ramadan injury of all – the paper cut! Not only does the blood invalidate your wudu but these things sting- REALLY STING – and its not like there are Muslim vampires waiting around in the wings ready to drink our blood and propose an “eternal” marriage to us – while fighting other vampires and werewolves either.

So I hope you enjoyed my little list of the top 5 Ramadan injuries.. I know I did!


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