What a believer should fear the most…

Many Muslims wonder what they should fear the most besides Allah (swt).  Perhaps it is bad deed, forgetting a prayer or straying from the straight path in some other manner.  Indeed these things are insignificant to what I am about to tell you.  What a believer should fear the most is being forsaken by Allah (swt).

One of the most repeated Hadith’s that I have heard was one of the Prophet’s companions looked at something disliked or haraam and immediately walked into a wall. Ouch.  But what this demonstrates is how much love Allah (swt) had for that person that – the companion was punished immediately rather than later or in the case of those who have been forsaken – not until the Day of Judgment.

When we no longer experience hardship as a direct result of committing a bad deed -as believer’s we should be at the least worried -at the most scared Allah has forsaken us and run to Allah to make Tawbah.  Seeing forgiveness and stopping the disliked or haraam action.

This can often be the hardest part for a believer to do – stop a habitual action forever.  It takes 30 days to create a new habit and 30 days at least to break an established habit – bad or good.  So its not an easy thing – this is why its important to seek support and guidance from Allah in dua and then with your support system around you.

Allah’s mercy is infinite – there is no bad deed to big for Allah to handle.  However this does not mean that we can take this as a free for all – and just assume Allah will forgive us on the Day of Judgement.  So a word of caution – to myself first and my readers second.

So seek Allah and express your love for Allah through your obedience and good deeds – InshaAllah


2 thoughts on “What a believer should fear the most…

  1. Ameen. I can’t remember the source but I’m pretty sure it was a hadith. The author wrote that if everyone but one person was to be admitted into Paradise, his greatest fear would be that he was that one person. Conversely, if only a single person was to be consigned to Hell, he would be afraid he’d be that one person.

    That’s someone who reflects on his status and assumes nothing!

  2. Yeah I don’t ever want to asssume I am one of those people who is going to end up in Paradise.. my assumption is I am always lacking. It humbles me and makes but put my money where my mouth is when it comes to the Deen. Alhumdualillah.. I still need to work further to fight my nafs and be more humble. InshaAllah Ameen.

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