Ramadan Day #2

I stayed awake till I had prayed Fajr – reading materials for the AMILA retreat and Qur’an.  I enjoy reading the Qur’an before I sleep just because its very calming and puts me into a meditative state.

I drank water till I couldn’t fathom another sip before Fajr came in and I indulged in trying a new recipe for a jam turnovers – which I will post later today.

I also watched some back episodes of TV programs which is one of my guilty pleasures.  I also started a new book entitled, “Women around the Messenger,” by Muhammad Ali Qutb.  I think this book is an excellent addition to my collection on Islam – because it profiles the different women around Nabi (pbuh).  I love how the author in his preface makes a strong point that women are an essential part of the history of Islam, they are the mother’s of the believers – which was Khadijah’s nickname and without examining and sharing their lives – we lose an essential portion of Islam and Islamic history.

So I have already read the profiles of Aminah, Haleemah and I am hooked.  I will keep you updated by doing short bio’s on each of the women I read about – Insha’ Allah.

For Suhoor I had the leftovers of the curry my friend Susan was so gracious to send home with me after babysitting her son JP.   The curry was very simple – one green pepper, one onion, one potato – chopped very fine – saute with a little oil and curry powder and voila – My friend Susan’s version of Curry.

He is so cute  and big – MashaAllah – he is almost 11 months and weights in at 26 lbs – thats size 18 -24 month clothing!!  SubhannaAllah.  He is starting the cruise – meaning he will stand and walk if he is holding on to something. He can almost say his first word – which his parents have been working on – Bubbles.

Poor tyke- when I was there he was under the weather still – and in need of some TLC – which his mommy couldn’t give because she has a major role out of a new project for Kaiser Perm.  So Auntie A to the rescue!!  My favorite part besides the playing – is the part when I get to cuddle him close and rock him so sleep while singing to him.  Just makes my heart melt and makes me want one of my own – sooner rather than later!

Ramadan keeps rolling and so do I.. I love it.. 3 Cheers for Ramadan!


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