Ramadan Day #1

The first day of fasting is often the hardest – especially if your giving up an addictive substance like caffeine filled drinks like soda pop, tea or coffee.  Alhumdualillah I didn’t have that issue.  I did have to give up another substance – water.   The food isn’t an issue if I keep myself busy.. if I don’t the fridge starts talking to me and then I have to distract myself.

Alhumdualillah the day started with Suhoor and Fajr Salat even Tazah – my poodle- got up and had breakfast.  I cooked up some eggs, toast and some Morningstar sausage patties.  Excellent way to fuel my engine – since I would crash out energy wise without protein – I have no idea how some people live only on carbs.

Any ways.. Suhoor was awesome and I had a great start to my day. Check out the Suhoor.. maybe you might want to try this one. 🙂 –


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