Clean Water Crisis

Clean water is something that many individuals forget to be thankful to Allah for.  Its one of the more subtle blessings for those who have easy access to clean water.  We simply turn the faucet on and this clean pure life-giving blessing pours forth.  There is little to no effort in our daily attainment of clean water.

However in other parts of the world clean water is all that stands between life and death for many individuals especially babies and children.  1/8th of the world’s population lack access to clean water.  1.4 Million children die each year due to water-borne illnesses, half the hospitalizations are due to water related illnesses and that the Roman’s had better water quality than we do now.

Did you know that more people have cell phones than access to clean water? Crazy huh?!

Clean water isn’t just about water – it’s also about sanitation – if there isn’t proper sanitation then the dirty water mixes with what could be clean water.  So it’s also important to acknowledge that in order to have clean water we need to improve sanitation world-wide.

Since I added the social vibe water donation button – so far we are at almost 1500 gallons of water donated.. I wanted all my readers to see what that looks like –

This pool is an Intex above ground pool that hold 1,485 gallons of water.  Isn’t it beautiful to see how much a simple click can help other people?  Clean, drinkable water is just one part of providing true international security.  Please continue to support the charity I have chosen.  Thank you so much already for your efforts!

Ramadan Mubarak


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