10 Quarky Things About Me

1. I still have and sleep with my favorite stuffed animal named Mr. Dog. Want to guess what animal he is?

2. I still play video games – my favorites being puzzle and goal based games like Azada and the Sims.

3. I always have a book with me.. if I don’t is because my mother banned them at the dinner table because I used to read through dinner and not talk to anyone.

4. I have an small office supply obsession. A good pen, nice stationary or post it notes are worth their weight in gold to me.

5. I think the kind shoes a person wears say a lot about them.

6. I follow the one bite rule – after that if you don’t like it – well spit it out.

7. I love the idea of a minimalist organized home – but I know I would go OCD crazy trying to keep it that way if I actually had to live that way.

8. My hair on my head has a name – Medusa.

9. If I was a comic book character – I would be Rogue.

10. I always sleep with the window open when its cold.

What are your 10 Quarky things?


One thought on “10 Quarky Things About Me

  1. 1. Lava lamps amuse me.
    2. I help write video games. My faves are good RPGs because I ❤ story.
    3. I read 3-4 books a week.
    4. Half of my cooking is done in a microwave…usually in one container.
    5. Be prepared isn't just a motto, it's a way of life.
    6. It's not that I drink a ton of Coke Zero, it's that they're not measured in tons.
    7. I would be thrilled to live on a sailboat or in a gypsy wagon but prayer space is tough to find.
    8. I love finger-food dinners merged with movie night.
    9. I get annoyed at haraam ingredients in yummy foods.
    10. I always sleep with the window open when its cold.

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