Greek Yogurt

Maybe its just me who has an overly curious mind.  But I have been contemplating what makes Greek Yogurt different than the rest of the yogurts you find at your local store.  Is it the texture? The thickness?  Color? Flavor?

I have no idea but I know its SO good!  I was thinking maybe I might just start making my own yogurt.. but I don’t know if I am ready yet.  The easiest way to make yogurt seems to be with a yogurt maker.  So I looked into to those and they seem to be really worth their weight in gold considering if you eat a lot of yogurt – it will return the money spent with a 2-3 month period.  Although I have yet to find one that makes more than 8 individual cups of yogurt.. which is kind of disheartening.

My favorite way to eat this kind of yogurt is the plain kind with honey drizzled over it.  Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.  Its also good with fresh fruit and granola- which becomes a super thick bowl of yummy!  Excellent for Suhoor.

If you haven’t tried Greek Yogurt – check it out at your local store – I have found a couple brands that I like such as – Greek Gods, Fage – 0% fat and Trader Joe’s.


2 thoughts on “Greek Yogurt

  1. I used to get “Bulgarian” yogurt at Ralph’s-YUM!!!! So good! Then they stopped carrying it! That’s when I switched to the Greek yogurt from TJ’s. (Sad note, Hawaii doesn’t have Trader Joe’s!)

  2. Oh-but what I really wanted to share was how I went to Sardinia years ago visit a friend, and his mother had in a little stone room in the court yard, all these little bowls, each covered with a little piece of cloth. “What are they?” They were dishes of yogurt! Sardinian, home made yogurt, “the old way”. And it was soooo yummy! It converted me, because I never liked yogurt until then

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