Thoughts on Ramadan

As tomorrow may or may not indicate the start of Ramadan. So far in the dark on the moonsighting.  I thought prompted my friend Saladin thought provoking posts – I should take some time and reflect on my achievements of this past year and areas for growth for this new year. InshaAllah.

1. Treat the Fajr Prayer like a Lover-

I am going to admit – to my readers and the world – I need to improve my relationship with Fajr.  So I figure if I use any means necessary to get up for Fajr – just like Romeo did to woo Juliet – Fajr doesn’t stand a chance! If it really is true it takes 30 days to establish a new habit – then I have Ramadan to kick off my wooing of Fajr Salat.

2. Continue to work on the Healthy Me Project-

I have been wanting to improve my eating and exercise habits for a while.  So with the help of a select group of girl friends we banded together to work on eating better, getting active and improving our relationship with our selves.  I personally am very excited to see the changes these new habits are having.  I have a goal number for my weight but that isn’t what this is really about – its a journey to improve myself esteem and see myself as someone who is worthy of being taken care of just as much as anyone else.

3. Get back to work on my Arabic-

I took 3 semesters of Arabic – traveled to Egypt to work on my Arabic for 2  1/2 months and its all gone to pot because I am to shy to talk to anyone in Fusha and I didn’t know where I could get a cheap tutor or class.  Plus I am one of those people who just don’t have the knack for learning languages – its like in one ear and out the other.  So now I am back on my mission of learning Arabic come hell or high water.  I want to be able to read the Qur’an for myself in Arabic! Not to mention finally be able to tell people who think I am Arab exactly why I am not Arab and that I am a convert etc.. in Arabic besides the whole – La! Ana Ameerakeyah.

So those are my three goals.  I love Ramadan the sense of community is amazing.   The only thing that could possibly improve this was if I had someone to share it with.  My family is very supportive in general about Islam but they really don’t get the spirit of Ramadan nor are they willing to fast or wake up for suhoor with me.  So its a lonely prospect – Ramadan at my house.  Alhumdualillah for my friends in the Ummah who are throwing Iftars and the community Iftars on Saturday’s at the masjid – this really helps with the loneliness.  Still it would be awesome to be able to go all out – decorating, baking, cooking etc like we do for Christmas and Thanksgiving at my house – but for Ramadan. I just need to say Alhumdualillah for what I have and make dua for those who don’t have even what I have to inshaAllah get what I have.


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