Cheap to Glam – Picture Frames

So I bought these packs of 3 pine picture frames for a $1 at IKEA – for the record this was before I knew about IKEA and the occupation and now – I no longer give my money to IKEA because of that and their racist policies inside their corporation.

So I decided to glam them up – I purchase some Ebony wood stain at the local hardware store, I also got some clear varnish and some cheap foam brushes too.

Grabbed some newspaper out of the recycling bin and an old cardboard box – which I cut open with a box cutter to protect the table I was using.

I laid the stain on thick because I really wanted to not show the wood grain on the frame at all if possible.

So I did one coat , let it sit for a while and then wiped it off. It wasn’t dark as I would like and I am way to impatient – so I decided to lay it on pretty thick – hoping it would stain darker with out being wiped off like the first coat.

And it worked! Whoo hoo! I left them to dry outside in the sun and then took them into the garage and let them dry the rest of the night.

Day Two:

I checked them in the morning and realized the backs still needed to be done in addition to the little touch ups on the stain.  Reapplied and then let them dry overnight

Day Three:

Applied the clear varnish. Let dry and then apply 2nd or 3rd coat as you desire.

Then – Voila! You have a beautiful set of picture frames – to hang up!  For cheap art – I cut out post cards of pictures I liked and put them in the frames. Looks expensive with out the $$.


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